Friday, March 24, 2017

Just A Random Thought

It's been a while. Maybe I should start posting. But again, who blogs these days?

Thursday, October 8, 2015


All these while
I'm a little lost

I've been
running on land
sinking in water 
floating in air

As sober as it seems
 the watery reflection of the moon
makes me wonder
that all these while
I'm in a no man land of 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Is It Too Late To Apologise?

You just want a simple life
One that doesn't involve much.

Yet what I want were so different. 
I have a dream 
a big 

We both want to hang on 
to our own belief 
not giving in to each other.

I never meant to let you go 
I just want to prove myself
And instead of proving it
I guessed I should've let 
you win...

P.S. When I first saw this photo, the first image was a girl living alone in this house. Her lover left her to pursue something bigger. But that doesn't mean that her lover doesn't love her anymore.......

A clash between love and dreams......  

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Monday, August 31, 2015

I waited
each year
for the white to wither
for the red to wear off
for terror to end.

It's hard to decide what I'm attracted to
the flower or the woman,
when they all depict
a "nicer" version of the war.

P.S. When I first saw this picture, two colors stood out. Red and White. So I thought of the Japan flag and all these chaos going around as we past the 70th anniversary of WW2.

The narrator in this poem was caught in this war and when it ended, the narrator felt history of the war was altered as time went by.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

In The Smoke

In the faintest light one can ever imagine
lies a bag of marijuana
pack in black
hack and clack
as cracks of fire drew near.

Not far away
sits a woman 
in the smoke 
with emotions flying around
with problems floating away
Huff and Puff 
like a big bad wolf.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


My last breath 
It shall be 
It shall be
And it shall be 

White light should come 
As expected 
My precious thoughts 
Like sprays from 
A perfume bottle
Should disperse around 
Filling empty spaces

Emotions will dispatch with the soul
Soul will disconnect with the body
Disappear in this paradox world

I shall enter into a vacuum state
As I float
I shall drift
Far away
Away from everything 
I shall sink 
Deep down
Down to nothingness 

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A Failed Reminder

It has been there for years.
At times where the tides are up,
waves will clash against it
 a hint
of lost history 
  in the world of chaos.

A wreckage
depicting only failures
is deem to be abandoned  
in the process of creation.

But perhaps 
just maybe

take your time to walk by it

Touch the scratches
  harness your thoughts

By then
will you be able to feel the echo through your mask?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

America, The Only Superpower

America will be the only natural superpower in the world. I know what you may be thinking. What am I talking about? I must be brainwashed to say so. (Well, it's either I'm brainwashed by America or you are brainwashed by the party you support. Come on, face the reality, everyone is been brainwashed and it's an ongoing process.) So, here are some reasons for my argument.

Firstly, the nature of it's geography and it's strategic location. 

Ok, take a look at the map and see America. On one side, it's the Pacific Ocean (PO) that stretches across the world. It's hard to see how anyone would want to attack from this side given that the shortest amount of time needed to travel to across PO is 2 months. That will give enough time for America to detach the threat and be prepared. Even if countries like North Korea claim that they can shoot missiles across the world to attack America, that's sort of just a prognostication (Oh well, it's NK. What do we really expect from them right?) 

On top of America, we have Canada. Oh Canada... It's Canada. Best neighbour right? Then at the bottom, we have Mexico (Yeah right, wait till they solve their own internal issues). Off America's backyard is Cuba. It's reminds me of Bay Of Pigs but well that's another story. Relationships are getting better now with Cuba, so the threat level there has decrease. Up next is all the South America countries... So technically, America is wonderfully situated in the right place. 

Come on, if you don't believe in me, let's look at the next rising superpower, China. On one side, it has all the Central Asia countries and not to forget, India (Back in the 20th century they fought a war against each other). Then you have Russia. Wow. Towards the right, you have South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Philippine around which all happens to be America's allies. Hmm..Coincident?  Wait a second, did I forget about something? Oh yes, NK. Well a bad neighbour for China right? Now the Americans should learn to love and appreciate Canada.

Secondly, the way of thinking.

Who is the one who came up with the idea of racism and that it's wrong. Who fought a civil war just to that concept right? I know America is not as wonderful as it used to be but it's a land of wonder. Just take a look at silicon valley. A lot of them working there are not Americans, in fact they are from all over the place. They came to America to show people what they are capable which is not able to be depicted in their own countries. It's like a magic cast on them and as soon as they are there, their talent will be discovered in a matter of time. Everyone wants to know why but I just want to say it's a free land with opportunities. I know you may ought to differ but I don't really care. 

LGBT. Who came up with this courage to tell the world that you might be just different from the norm? It's the Americans. They were one of the first few who stood up for people who are different and encouraged people to show who they really are. I'm not saying that everyone in America supports gay but they were the first people to have this idea of going against this form of discrimination and that there's nothing wrong about it.

Look at your smartphones. Who came up with up the idea of just wonderful gadgets? America. People there think way head of the world in all sense and even many scientists ended up choosing to become citizens. It's the way of thinking that shaped the country and dare to try spirit that keeps the country striving.

Thirdly, just some random examples.

Normally if you're failed at an election for presidency, you're probably end up in jail or get deported or just end up not serving the country. But who knows that a country like America would ask it's opponent to be the state of secretary? For the entire term!( a win-win situation for both parties but this is still great) 

Who the heck pollutes the most? Well, America but hey, they stood for their mistake after realising that and are mending their mistake now. (Screw the republicans!) They dare to admit grave mistake they made and not afraid to tell the world their wrongdoings so that the world won't make the same mistake again. 

It's hard to act as a country. America do make grave mistake like guantanamo bay, like racism, like secret tortures, like a lot of things but at the end of the day, history has proven to us that America is a great superpower in the world. A natural one. No artificial colouring or sugar involved. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

We're different yet the same

 Something has grown out of me and it's getting difficult to hide it. I'm like you, we are under the same family tree but why can't you understand that there's always going to be a tiny bit of differences among all of us? The fact that there is a S in front of my "he" partner makes me a hideous creature? Just because I not in the same default system as you are, doesn't mean that I'm abnormal. Everyone is unique in their own ways so give us a chance 
to show that
We're different yet the same.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Struggling Identity

Two identities lingered.
Declaring despise over one another
as if they are able to recall
the existence of each other.

With the keenness
for victory
they end not far.

they will both softly rattle down.
Faltering over a few steps
so to tumble over
the last remaining
that was torn apart
without anything in common.

Monday, March 30, 2015

"Pitter" And "Patter"

Like the olden days
where we walked along 
this path in the rain.

The streets were almost empty
with an owl howling
in the distance.

Footsteps pattered in the water
with double rhythm 
"Pitter" "Patter".

It's the same path 
as before 
there was only 

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Saturday, March 28, 2015


After spending the whole winter in bed, this air was indeed refreshing. This scenery has not changed as much. Perhaps just greener than my memories. The oak is there, with thicker trucks; the grasses have rose from the ground; the leaves have returned. It's funny how despite all these bizarre events happening around the world, they were not affecting them at all. They spur, they grow and they fall. It's an endless process for them. Isn't it parallel across the universe? We live, we grow and we die. Some just died before the real death but if I pull them out and be immersed in this scenery  I'm sure something will change, perhaps not much of the outer, but definitely the inner.    

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The Third Voice

Behind those concrete hard walls
lay two voices over the years.
It speaks in the day,
whispers in the night
and echoes in their heart. 

On the other side
lays a forest that was beyond them.
As the flowers bloom
 disturbed, I doubt, by the voices,
wither before time.

It was known that there was a third voice,
but it was never heard.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Upon Donna Noble's Death

A letter Doctor wrote to Donna on that very day she was going to die.

Dear Donna,

When the Ood said that our song was ending, I didn't thought much about it. After all, there were some glimpses in the universe that I just couldn't see. The first time I saw you was in the Tardis and it took me by surprise. Who knew that a girl like you would pop in from nowhere. I remembered asking to stay but you didn't. You were the only one ever really reject me. When we finally got together and travel, you were too special. For one moment, you were the most important person in this universe; one shiny moment and there were planets singing songs of Donna Noble. I will never forget the hopeless in your eyes before your memories were gone. I wanted to say sorry but my voice wasn't heard. Shouldn't forever be a word for a time-lord? After all this while, I realised that the Ood was sending a message: that forever was never meant for us. 

John Smith,
An Old Friend.

Donna was in her bed while reading this letter. Her heart was aching and her tears were out but she didn't understand this feeling. Her hands were trembling and fell out of her hands. A bright light flashed upon the her last breath: A young guy appeared and picked up the paper. 


That was the last thing she ever heard.